DUT-E AF Wireless Fuel Level Sensor


DUT-E fuel level sensors are used for accurate fuel level and volume measurement in tanks of vehicles and stationary units. DUT-E allows us to determine current fuel volume and change in volume (refueling or draining) of fuel in the tank.

DUT-E is used in GPS tracking and vehicle telematics systems as an additional fuel sensor or as a replacement of standard built-in (factory) fuel level sensor. When used as a part of the telematics system, DUT-E  allows us to get reliable and accurate information on current fuel volume in the tank and to reveal misuse and fuel theft from the tank. DUT-E also gives a general overview on fuel usage by vehicle or stationary unit.



The DUT-E AF is ideal for the tasks of

  • Monitoring of tank refueling and fuel draining
  • Fuel theft prevention
  • Fuel consumption monitoring

DUT-E  has a standard 5-bolted flange and can be installed either in a place where the standard fuel sensor is situated or in a separate aperture in the fuel tank. All necessary details for the installation and sealing of the DUT-E sensor are present in the DUT-E mounting kit.  the standard length of the dip stick is 1 meter, but it can be extended up to 6meters at an additional cost of ₦25,000/Meter
When the installation of DUT-E is complete, you should perform tank calibration. A calibration table is built in the process, where the output signals of the sensor correspond to correct fuel levels in the tank.
This table is used by a fuel monitoring system to determine how much fuel is in the tank.


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